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S2 E6: Dame Marianne Griffiths: CEO of UHS - Empowering Leadership

S2 E6: Dame Marianne Griffiths: CEO of UHS - Empowering Leadership

October 11, 2021

I explore the art of living with Dame Marianne Griffiths; the Chief Executive Officer of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

She is a true trailblazer, not just because she was the first female NHS CEO to be named as one of the top five chief executives of the year at the 2021 HSJ awards, but for the outstanding work she has done throughout her successful career as well as her admirable perseverance. 

She exudes passion, charisma, humility and compassion and stands on the shoulders of those she leads and serves. Marianne has reached what some may say is the pinnacle of her career but she still strives for more with her Patient First program, empowering those around her and under her to innovate.

She is an energetic family person who loves her dogs and is not afraid of a physical challenge like climbing Ben Nevis and like all great leaders is an avid reader.

Marianne’s art of living through compassionate leadership, continued self learning and constant reflection makes her an incredible role model for us all.


"People can do great things when they are empowered." 

Dame Marianne Griffiths

S2 E5: Sarah Stenning: Entrepreneur & Designer - Living with Cancer

S2 E5: Sarah Stenning: Entrepreneur & Designer - Living with Cancer

September 27, 2021

I discuss the art of living with Sarah Stenning; a mother, army wife, successful entrepreneur and cancer patient.
The essence of Sarah is her connection with family and friends and her desire to live life to the full. Even when death stared her in the face she smiled right back at it. She embraces opportunities with a gusto. She is brave, warm, kind, creative and epitomises what it means to support her family and friends, even when she herself is struggling.  
Sarah looks for an open door to walk through and brings the light with her, shutting out the darkness that can be all consuming. Her story will surely inspire you to get up after a fall and keep on moving forward. 
As an army wife she has constantly supported her husband and helped him climb to the highest ranks in order to serve his people and country. As a mother, she has encouraged her children to be themselves and most of all she has stayed true to her own authentic self whether it be as mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman, colleague or cancer patient.

"The most important part of me is my connection with family and friends." Sarah Stenning

S2 E4: Marilyn Stafford; Photojournalist

S2 E4: Marilyn Stafford; Photojournalist

September 6, 2021

Marilyn Stafford epitomises what it means to live a longer, fuller life.

From finishing drama school, to photographing Albert Einstein as well as spending the day with the former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi, there is no end to the incredible twists and turns in this fascinating woman’s life.

Now, in her later years, she is working tirelessly to empower women with her photography competition which aims to inspire and make a difference in the world and to people’s lives. Marilyn is a true change maker herself. She is a 96 year old going on 26 years. What really is her secret to longevity? Might it be art?

“I survived despite my art, not because of it.” - Marilyn Stafford

Marilyn Stafford - A Life In Photography (exhibition)

S2 E3: Sarah Muirhead-Allwood: Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon and Photographer

S2 E3: Sarah Muirhead-Allwood: Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon and Photographer

August 5, 2021

I explore the art of living with Ms Sarah Muirhead-Allwood, a renowned hip surgeon and talented photographer. Sarah demonstrates dedication, focus, attention to detail, passion and devotion to her patients and takes pride in achieving amazing outcomes for them. She has changed the lives of countless people suffering from hip pain with her work lasting decades; a testament to her talent.

From young to old, from Sir Andy Murray to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Sarah’s work is transformative to people from all walks of life. She pursues photography with the same rigour, zeal, patience and joy and obtains stunning results.

As Sarah grows older she thinks she might operate a little less and photograph a little more! Her art of living is to do what makes her happy and her legacy is how good she has made others feel along the way. Her photography gives us an insight into her art of living.

"After hip surgery I love to hear how patients are delighted and shocked by how good they are." - Ms. Sarah Muirhead-Allwood

S2 E2: Oscar J Ryan: Director & Photographer

S2 E2: Oscar J Ryan: Director & Photographer

July 29, 2021

Oscar J Ryan is an aspiring Director and inspirational young photographer who found his calling in life as he emerged from darkness himself, by picking up his camera and focusing on what was in front of him. 
The art of living for Oscar is his contentment of doing what he loves the most and living his dream reality, by bringing stories of people and issues to life from behind his camera lens. Along the way, he breathes life into others by helping them find their voice and document their dreams in life.
His work ranges from photographing musicians such as KSI and Mukhy as well as models like Mia Regan, to bringing to life the passion for dance his little cousin Billy with Down Syndrome has. Family, friends, education and pursuit of happiness are the key ingredients in Oscar’s art of living.


"What enabled me to see the light when I was in a dark place was the full blown support of my family and friends." Oscar J Ryan

S2 E1: Paul Monaghan: Architecting a better world

S2 E1: Paul Monaghan: Architecting a better world

July 22, 2021

Paul Monaghan is an award winning architect of international acclaim. His attentive, caring and compassionate characteristics translate the brief of his clients into reality and preserve the value to the end user. Within his healthcare projects, these traits reflect onto patients and clinicians alike.

He is insightful about what the working world needs in terms of infrastructure to maintain quality of life at work and he always puts the goal of living a longer healthier life into action. His artful approach to creating projects that help us all lead a longer healthier life is inspiring and motivational.

"Room with a view means everything, in the design of health buildings." Paul Monaghan

S1 E20: Mr Masoud Teimory; Eye Surgeon Photographer; envisioning a better world

S1 E20: Mr Masoud Teimory; Eye Surgeon Photographer; envisioning a better world

July 7, 2021

Join me in conversation with Mr Masoud Teimory, a consultant eye surgeon, a visionary poet, photographer and entrepreneur.

His resilience in the face of life’s challenges is truly remarkable. From revolution to illness, to struggles as an immigrant in a foreign country, he tells us that having a purpose in life propelled him to do good and live by his Iranian culture of giving; something he frequently does with patients and friends alike. 

He combines art, empathy, science and photography to bring his patients a better experience.

"Creation's purpose is to make Man see, the beauty and purpose of chaos." Mr Masoud Teimory

S1 E19: Dan White; The Picture of Health

S1 E19: Dan White; The Picture of Health

July 1, 2021

A photograph captures a moment in time preserving a memory forever. The photographic exhibit Hold Still by HRH Duchess of Cambridge is an example of how photography can ensure we don’t forget what’s important in life.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we bring our first series of Live Longer: The Podcast to a close, with conversations with a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and eminent doctors and surgeons who use photography to enhance their own lives and that of their patients.

In episode 11 of the series, Prof Furnham told us that of all the various artistic disciplines, photographers live longest. In my conversation with Dan White, I discover why this is so. This episode also sets us up for the finale of season 1 of Live Longer: The Podcast.

S1 E18: Graham Knuttel; Sculptor & Painter

S1 E18: Graham Knuttel; Sculptor & Painter

June 24, 2021

Join me in conversation with esteemed Irish artist Graham Knuttel for an entertaining discussion on how art impacts our health. Graham’s sense of humour is infectious! He has overcome many health challenges himself and he sets a stage with his art for us to participate.

Pre-transplant: “Going into hospital terrified me let alone the thought of having my insides cut up.” Graham Knuttel
Post-transplant: “Thank God for doctors.” Graham Knuttel

S1 E17: Penny Horne; Landscape artist and Art Therapy

S1 E17: Penny Horne; Landscape artist and Art Therapy

June 12, 2021

Join me in conversation with Penny Horne to discuss the garden of her dreams; a beautiful and artistically constructed safe haven to heal after life throws a curve ball. From relationship problems to family crises, a visit to her oasis in Somerset is a truly restorative experience cherished by many and showcased recently in Landscape magazine. Her garden is a lesson in transforming suffering into beauty and the perfect place to visit for anyone struggling to find themselves or simply wishing to optimise their mental well-being.

I didn’t have a breakdown, I had a breakthrough because of art.

Penny Horne.

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